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National Environmental Justice Conference 2024
National Environmental Justice Conference 2024
Environmental Justice

National Environmental Justice Conference: What You Need to Know

National Environmental Justice Conference 2024
National Environmental Justice Conference 2024 | photo courtesy | Environment Justice

The annual National Environmental Justice Conference brings together a range of groups to discuss and address environmental justice issues.

Environmental justice means ensuring fair treatment and involvement of all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, or income, in developing, implementing, and enforcing environmental laws and policies.

The goal of the conference is to provide a forum for showcasing effective strategies, exchanging ideas, and facilitating collaboration among diverse stakeholders, including communities, governments, businesses, academia, and non-profits.

By coming together, participants can advance environmental equity and justice.

What is the history of the National Environmental Justice Conference?

The National Environmental Justice Conference was founded in 1994 by environmental justice advocates, academics, and practitioners aiming to foster discussion and drive change.

The initial motivation was the 1991 People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit and its landmark Environmental Justice Principles.

Except for pandemic years, the conference has taken place annually ever since, organized by the non-profit National Environmental Justice Conference, Inc.

In addition to the yearly gathering, the NEJC offers training and assistance for groups tackling environmental justice issues in their communities.

The conference provides a platform for collaboration long envisioned by early leaders of the environmental justice movement.

What are the themes and topics of the 2024 national environmental justice conference?

The 2024 National Environmental Justice Committee will take place April 16–18 in Washington, D.C., aligned with Race Forward’s racial equity training for federal employees.

Featured speakers and panelists will represent federal and state governments, local municipalities, tribes, community organizations, private-sector businesses, interest groups, and universities.

The conference will explore numerous environmental justice issues, including::

  • Climate change and its impacts on vulnerable communities
  • Environmental health and justice in the COVID-19 era
  • Environmental justice and human rights
  • Environmental justice and the green economy
  • Environmental justice and the arts
  • Environmental justice and youth leadership
  • Environmental justice and indigenous sovereignty
  • Environmental justice and international solidarity

How can I participate in the 2024 National Environmental Justice Conference?

The 2024 National Environmental Justice Committee welcomes anyone passionate about furthering environmental justice.

Free registration is available until March 29th for students, faculty, community groups, government workers, and military members.

General registration is $495.

The conference is also accepting proposals for talks, posters, and workshops related to environmental justice through January 31st.

You can sign up to attend and submit your ideas on the conference website.

This is a great opportunity to get involved with and learn more about the environmental justice movement.


The upcoming National Environmental Justice Committee presents a meaningful chance for those passionate about environmental equity to get involved and create change.

Attendees can expect to gain knowledge from authorities in the field, connect with like-minded peers, and build partnerships with other organizations.

The conference will highlight the environmental justice movement’s accomplishments and obstacles, motivating fresh ideas and remedies.

If you wish to participate in this impactful event, be sure to sign up and send in your abstracts before the cut-off dates.

I sincerely hope you’ll join us for the 2024 National Environmental Justice Committee and contribute to the movement.

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